Falina Aiya Quicksilver (aiya_tala) wrote in moronbegone,
Falina Aiya Quicksilver

The 'Away' tag is there for a reason, fuckwads.

I hate to taint the "Moron Be Gone" community so early with bitchings and ravings of mine, but this just really pissed me off.

What the hell is wrong with people reading> Seriously. What the HELL?!

I had to go AFK a little earlier to go do some dishes and just general cleaning around the house. I wasn't chatting with anyone at the moment - just minding my own business - so I put my ickle "away" sign up on MSN and before I know it, no less than three people decided to message me out of the blue. Now, one was Navia, who just wanted to ask a quick question and that's all she said while waiting for me to come back. I'm cool wit that.

But the other two... god forbid. They wouldn't shut the fuck up! >_< "Hey, check this link? You there? Hello? Falliiiiiiiina? Respond, mmkays? YO! HEYOOOOOO!?" At least twenty messages like this bullshit on both of their windows.

Brain check on isle moron, please.

Away... means that I'm... OH MY FUCKING CHRIST... Awaaaaaaaaay from the computer. What is so hard to understand about this? Can someone just... fill me in on how it's hard to miss at the top of the IM screen, "=User= is currently away and may not reply" or whatever the hell it says.

I MAAAAAY not reply... how about I WON'T reply? Mm, mm? What if I CAN'T reply? Damn, it serves me right. I should just log off when I go AFK for a little more than two fucking-a minutes.

Okay, I'm done with this rant for now. =_=
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